Real Estate Investing Done Right

At Janus Delta, we focus on identifying, aquiring, and managing real estate investment opportunities throughout North America.  Our approach is both data driven and experience based, and we are committed to a great outcome for all parties.  Our strategies include:


Many of our clients and investors have the capital, experience and desire to take on a real estate investment project, but struggle to find opportunities that make sense.  At Janus Delta, we are experts at sourcing and aquiring investment opportunities that provide outstanding return on investment.  >> Learn More

capital funding

Finding investment opportunities is only one part of the equation.  Having access to the capital to fund the investment is the other.  We specialize in arranging financing for all real estate investment opportunities.  Our investors and clients can consistently rely on us to put the entire deal together. >> Learn More

asset rehabilitation

Many investment opportunities involve rehabilitating an existing home or other type of property.  Our relationships and experience allow us to analyze, plan and execute a rehab to maximize both the end product and the project return on investment, allowing for a streamlined investment exit. >> Learn More

"Janus Delta is my first call as soon as I have a client wanting to sell a home that might be a good investment.  They are fair, accurate, and they get the deal closed quickly in a transparent manner.  Easily the best investment company I've dealt with.

Tim Abington, Abington Inc.

Who We Are

JANUS DELTA is a cutting edge real estate investment firm focused on aquiring, managing, and maximizing real estate investment opportunities. Our results-oriented approach fosters a collaborative partnership with our clients.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, but investing throughout North America, we pride ourselves on building relationships and providing outstanding outcomes for our clients and investors alike.

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What We Do

JANUS DELTA focuses on identifying real estate investment opportunities throughout North America, aquiring them, and then either offering those opportunities to our investor partners, or executing on the opportunities ourselves.

We look to forge win-win scenarios that allow all parties to acheive their goals while at the same time maximizing returns.

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