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JANUS DELTA offers a suite of proven solutions in response to our customers’ requirements. Regardless of where your organization is in its life-cycle or where you want to go, we help you improve and refocus on achieving your goals.


Finding and aquiring opportunities is half the battle

  • Distressed Properties

    Without a defined leadership philosophy, it’s impossible to hold leaders accountable. Defining a leadership philosophy in writing is critical to organizational success.

  • Cash Flowing Rentals

    Just like any other area of a business or organization, leadership requires a solid process in order to be implemented effectively. A bullet-proof leadership process will last the test of time.

  • Leadership Evaluations

    Progress can’t be measured without knowing where you are right now. We start of leadership consulting engagements with a detailed review of your current leadership situation.

  • Leadership/Strategy Fit

    There is no one correct leadership philosophy for all situations. Your vision, mission statement and goals will all dictate the proper leadership strategy for your organization.

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Startup Consulting

At JANUS DELTA, we specialize in helping startup reach their maximum potential. Our services cover:

  • Vision Mapping

    For many early stage ,startups the task of turning a vision into a reality can be overwhelming. We specialize in determining the most effective, cost efficient way to implement your vision.

  • Corporate Structure

    C Corp? S Corp? LLC? Determining the proper legal structure upfront can make things easier down the road. At JANICE DELTA, we help you determine the best legal structure for your organization.

  • Organizational Structure

    One of the major mistakes we see organizations make in their early stages is an organizational structure that is inconsistent with their vision. A proper organizational structure is a key component of success.

  • Lean Operations

    Maximizing capital is essential not only to success but to survival in today’s competitive environment. We are experienced in finding innovative solutions to keep your operations as lean as possible.

  • Outsourcing Opportunities

    Focusing on core competencies is key. We show you how to focus on what you are good at by finding opportunities to outsource tasks and operations that are a drain on your resources.

  • Securing Capital

    Securing enough capital is a concern for most organizations in their early stages. Our decades of knowledge, connections, and expertise can help your organization obtain the capital necessary to succeed.

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Strategy Consulting

Regardless of which area an organization needs to improve, we can help. We focus on:

  • Sales & Marketing

    The #1 reason most organization struggle is a lack of sales. We utilize our decades of business development experience to diagnose and solve your sales and marketing problems.

  • Operations

    Inefficient or inadequate operations management can lead to waste, poor performance and unhappy customers and clients. We specialize in making operations lean, efficient, and effective.

  • Organization

    Poor organizational structure can severely limit and organizations ability to succeed. We’ve found that only 20% of companies are organized effectively to succeed.

  • Information Technology

    An organization’s technology should support its overall strategy, not constrain it. We focus on how your technology fits with your vision and long term goals in order to build a successful tomorrow.

  • Talent Aquisition

    A common complaint inmost organizations is how hard it is to find good people. Finding the right people is about recruiting strategy as well as organizational reputation.

  • Corporate Finance

    We help organizations create a competitive advantage through strategic corporate finance. Often times financial decisions can determine what the future holds.

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Executive Coaching

Many executives realize the skill set required in their current position are different from those that have made them successful in the past. At JANUS DELTA we provide executive coaching focused on:

  • 360° Evaluations

    Although it can be uncomfortable, it is important for a leader to understand the perception of subordinates, peers, and superiors alike. Getting evaluations from every angle is an important first step.

  • Onsite Shadowing

    The only way to truly evaluate a leader is in actions. As part of our executive coaching, we will shadow you and provide feedback and support as well as on the spot corrections for maximum impact.

  • Result Oriented Objectives

    Leadership improvements are not all about culture and feelings. We focus on measurable results that come from improved organizational leadership, emphasizing the importance of ROI.

  • Continuing Support

    Attaining the leadership skills necessary to excel doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it is a never-ending pursuit. Our coaching packages include continued monthly support to ensure we are with you every step of the way.

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Speaking Engagements

Need to get pumped up? Need a great keynote speaker for your organization? JANUS DELTA is comprised of some of the greatest public speakers available.

  • Motivational Speaking

    If your organization needs a kick in the pants or a charge of energy, you came to the right place. We can make your team feel like they’re ready to run through a wall give them the motivation necessary to achieve at a high level.

  • Leadership Speaking

    If your leadership team needs to readjust their perspective or refocus, our leadership speeches are the perfect solution. We can bring down the house at your next event recharge your organization.

  • Sales Speaking

    Our team has a high level of sales leadership experience and sales acumen. If your sales team needs an injection of energy, we can make it happen with one of our speaking engagements.

  • Last-Second Speaking

    Need someone to come in at the last second and bail you out? We don’t need much notice. We are skilled and practiced in coming into a situation and getting it done with minimal preparation.