Who We Are

JANUS DELTA offers a suite of proven solutions in response to our customers’ requirements. Regardless of where your organization is in its life-cycle or where you want to go, we help you improve and refocus on achieving your goals.

Background & Meaning


JANUS DELTA was founded by a group of military veterans turned business executives who recognized that the combination of military experience and business success could be uniquely beneficial to most organizations.

We recognized that the leadership and ability to adapt that we learned from our military service, combined with the lessons learned from successful business careers give us a unique perspective that allow us to tackle problems in a different way. When your organization engages JANUS DELTA, you get a one of a kind experience, along with one of a kind results.


JANUS: The Roman god of beginnings and endings. DELTA: in math means the change or difference. Our focus at JANUS DELTA is to effect positive change in any organization, whether at the beginning, the end, or anywhere in between.

We provide a "soup to nuts" solution to whatever problem we encounter. We take a holistic view of any situation and always consider the ramifications of any recommendation we make. Our focus is on our clients at all times. Change your tomorrow by changing your direction today with JANUS DELTA.

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Company Leadership


Mitch Kusmier

Managing Partner
About Mitch

Zack Seidman

Managing Partner
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As a team, we have one common focus: helping our clients achieve their goals. We are completely dedicated to their missions as well as our own. We are committed to exceed their requirements in every task. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of service possible.

Mission & Vision


We take quality seriously. We focus on quality in everything that we do, down to the smallest detail. This ensures that the services we provide are of maximum value to our clients.


JANUS DELTA will be recognized as:

A diverse team of professionals capable of delivering top-notch create solutions to our clients.

An employer of choice by creating an environment based on trust, respect, accountability and performance.

A company that adheres to its values in everything that we do.

Quality & Ethics


Our mission at JANUS DELTA is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and to be the firm of choice for high quality organizations seeking improvement.


At JANUS DELTA, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. Our military background has instilled in us that honesty and integrity are core components of a successful organization. We will at all times conduct ourselves so as to reflect our values and our commitment to ethical standards. We will be beyond reproach in all that we do.


As a veteran owned and operated company, we are dedicated to giving back to the veteran community. Although our founders returned from multiple overseas deployments relatively unscathed, we also know many that we served beside and others we didn't that were not so fortunate. At JANUS DELTA, we feel an immense responsibility to give back the brave members of our armed forces who need help.

The charities and organizations that we support include Operation Homefront, the American Widow Project, and Coffee Brigade. We have, and will always continue to, give back to these very worthy causes. We owe a part of our success to our time spent in the military, and we will never forget that.

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